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Managing Manpower, easily!

Seat back, relax and see results!

Manage your whole organization with a revolutionized Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

The art of giving importance to your people!

Let them get the luxury of being able to do everything on the fly!

Update their own information using mobile devices, such as laptops, tables, and mobile fones.
Ease of access anytime and anywhere!


Schedules and Leave applications

Manage schedules and leave applications without hassle


Access on all portable devices!

Reports and Statistics

With multiple reports to choose from. Generate everything you need to keep your organization in order and secure.

Go Paperless

Makes your organization 98% paperless when managing your people and business assets.

How we will do this?

Curious on how we can achieve this?

1st Phase

Understand your needs

We don't just sell. We understand.
With our consultants and experts with managing people, we help you understand what you truly need when it comes to managing your people.

2nd Phase

Implement Matrix

All necessary user matrix, and user heirarchial. 
Building your organization structure, adding master lists and improving the process.

3rd Phase

Deployment and Usability

Your employees will be able to do seamless activities in the system. Create a network and a healthy community within your organization.

Shall we start?

You may freely get in touch with us for more information that you need!


5th Floor ECRDC Building,
Barangka Drive
Mandaluyong City 1550 


Phone: +632 997-9125